Department of Microbiology, GMC Udhampur

The department of Microbiology is dealing with various microbes and infectious diseases and their impact on human health. Our understanding of various infectious diseases has been benefitted the humanity from the various achievements and successes in medical sciences. Our faculty is proactive in culminating the professionalism and ethics in the learners and trying to bridge the gap between learners and the faculty. The department comprising of 1 Professor and 1 Assistant Professor, 2 senior residents. We have adopted new innovative teaching methodologies for teaching Phase II MBBS students according to the new CBME curriculum. The teaching of AETCOM is also imparted at undergraduate level. Various extra- curricular activities are also supported by us to enhance the creativity of the learners in addition to teaching curriculum. The faculty of the department have been rendering services in separate services laboratories including bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, serology, virology, tuberculosis lab to provide clinical insights into various infectious diseases and also formulating the antimicrobial policy to contain the emergence of multidrug- resistant strains. BSL-2(Biosafety level -2) laboratory established in the department is well equipped for the management of any pandemic /outbreak and supporting the diagnostics at molecular level.


  • The new teaching learning methodologies adopted by our dedicated faculty will help the students to achieve the goal of NMC (National Medical Council) so that IMG (Indian Medical Graduate) become life- long learner and correlating the basic sciences with clinical scenarios.
  • Case based learning used as a teaching tool will help the learners to develop high order analytical skills in them.
  • Introduction of OSPEs, SDL, seminars, brainstorming by quizzes in the teaching curriculum will make topics more interesting and also retention of the subject is more by these interactive methods.
  • Not only disseminating the knowledge to the undergraduates but also imparting professionalism and ethics in them.
  • The culture and sensitivity testing and antimicrobial policy will prevent the misuse of drugs and also curb the emergence of multidrug resistant strains in the community.
  • Determined to contain the spread of health care associated infections and diagnostics at molecular level.
  • The department is looking forward to attain the goals set by WHO in containment of Tuberculosis and AIDs.


  • To create globally competent Indian Medical Graduates.
  • To serve the community by qualitative results and providing endless dedicated services to the hospital within turnaround time.
  • To introduce various innovative interactive teaching learning methodologies in the curriculum for the undergraduates as well as looking forward to create the globally competent post graduates.
  • Creating interest of the faculty as well as undergraduates in the research benefitting the humanity and society.

Departmental Faculty:






Dr. Jyoti Kohli

Professor & Head



Dr. Suharshi Gupta

Assistant Professor



Asifa Shareef

Senior Resident



Zahoor Shameem

Senior Resident


1. Dr. Jyoti Kohli

  • MBBS MD.
  • Professor & Head
  • Department of Microbiology GMC, Udhampur
  • jyotikohlipuri@gmail.com

    Message: Hard work, Dedication, Truthfulness and Belief in God is the key to success.

  • Teaching Experience of 17 years for Undergraduates as well as Post- graduates.
  • Worked as Member Secretary of Biomedical waste management, Hospital Infection control committee, NTEP activities committee.
  • Done revised basic course, ATECOM, CISP from Nodal Centre CMC Ludhiana.
  • Member of Curriculum committee.
  • Sensitized Medical Teachers regarding CBME2019.
  • Done Advance Course Medical Education at CMC, Ludhiana.
  • Done BCBR, Internal assurance and quality control management course.
  • External Examiner for under graduates as well Postgraduates in various Medical colleges.
  • Attended various conferences, CMEs and Seminars at State and National level.
  • Also presented various papers and posters at National as well as State level.
  • Chairperson in various conferences.
  • Several publications in National as well as International journals.


  • MICROCON- 2008, Clinical Microbiology: From Detection to clinical application at Armed Forces Medical College Pune on 21 st -25 th October, 2008.
  • MICROCON (AP)- 2009 XII AP Chapter Conference Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist at NRI Medical College Chinakakani Guntur on 30 th January -1 st February, 2009.
  • CME-PEDI-PHARMA UPDATE-2012, An academic programme of World Health Organization (SEARO, NEW DELHI) at Acharya Shri Chander college of medical sciences & Hospital Jammu on 3 rd -4 th March, 2012.
  • CME on Total Quality Awareness in Clinical Laboratories Organized by Bio-Rad Laboratories on 12 th April, 2012.
  • CME – ENDO UPDATE-2014 J&K Endocrine Research Group(JKERG) at Acharya Shri Chander college of medical sciences & Hospital Jammu on 8 th February, 2014.
  • AGOI 2015 JAMMU-Association of Gynaecologic oncologists of India on 2 nd & 3 rd April, 2015 Jammu.
  • GISICON 5 TH Biennial Conference 6,7 th Nov, 2015 at Govt. Medical College Jammu.
  • XIX IAMM TAPC Annual Conference 29,30,31 Jan, 2016 at SVS Medical College Mahabubnagar A.P.
  • Microcon North West Chapter IAMM-2022:” Global Safety Challenges: Clean Care is Safe Care”.27 August, 2022 at GMC Patiala.


  • Kohli J, Puri A, Dhar A. Prevalence of parasitic infections in patients attending tertiary hospital ASCOMS Jammu. Asian journal of Medical research Jan- Mar 2020;9(1): MB01-03.
  • Kohli J, Puri A, Mahajan B. Sero reactivity of Hepatitis B and C in a tertiary care hospital ASCOMS Jammu. Panacea journal of medical sciences Jan – Apr 2020;10(1):39-42.
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  • Antibiotic Resistance Pattern in Uropathogens. MICROCON (AP)- 2009 XII AP Chapter Conference Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist at NRI Medical College Chinakakani Guntur on 30 th January -1 st February, 2009.
  • Gene Expression of E6 and E7 in HPV. AGOI 2015 JAMMU-Association of Gynaecologic oncologists of India on 2 nd & 3 rd April, 2015 Jammu.
  • Poster Presentation Rare Case of Trichuris Trichiura in Jammu Province in XIX IAMM TAPC Annual Conference 29,30,31 Jan, 2016 at SVS Medical College Mahabubnagar A.P.
  • Oral presentation on HIV at ASCOMS and Hospital Jammu on 6.12.17.
  • Case Based learning as a teaching tool in Microbiology, Poster presentation at Nodal Centre CMCH Ludhiana on 14 – 16 Feb, 2024.

2. Dr. Suharshi Gupta

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology
  • GMC, Udhampur
  • suharshigupta@gmail.com

    Publications :
  • 1. Sikander Chirag, Suharshi Gupta and Shashi Sudan Sharma, 2020. Profile of Dermatophytes in teaching hospital and Tertiary Care Hospital from Northern PUBLICATIONS India. Int.J.Curr.Microbial.App.Sci. 9(2): 1116-1120. doi; https://doi.org/20546/ijcmas.2020.902.130
  • 2. Suharshi Gupta, Yuthika Bhandari and Shashi Sudhan Sharma, 2020. A Study of Bacteriological Profile and Antibiotic Resistance Pattern in Central Venous Line Catheter Tip Culture in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Jammu Region, India. Int.J.Curr.Microbial.App.Sci. (2020) 9(2)2319-7706
  • 3. Suharshi Gupta, Perika Sharma, Sonika Bhagat, Yuthika Bhandari and Shashi Sudhan sharma,2020. To Study the Prevalence of Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infection and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Jammu.Int.J.Curr.Microbial.App.Sci(2020) 9(8)2319-7706
  • 4. Dr. Surbhi Gupta, Dr. Suharshi Gupta, Evaluation of Clinical Profile and Pattern of conjunctival Congestion in Mild Covid-19 Patients in Designated Covid-19 Hospital.International Journal of Medical and Biomedical Studies. Volume 5, Issue 3; March2021; Page No.52-55
  • 5. Dr Suharshi Gupta, Dr Shashi Sudhan Sharma, Status of Drug Addiction among HIV Infected People: A Cross-sectional Prospective Study in Jammu. Journal of Medical Sciences and Clinical Research, Volume 10, Issue 04 April2022.
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  • 1. State Reference Lab Training from 22nd-26th June 2009 conducted in the department of microbiology.
  • 2. MICROCON (NE)-2009, February 21s, Government Medical College, Jammu.
  • 3. MICROCON (NW)-2009, October 3,2009 Christian Medical college and Hospital, Ludhiana.
  • 4. Pedicon2008-45th National conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics 17th to20th January,2008, Bhubaneswar.
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  • 10. International CME Cum Conference-February 4-5,2012-“Hospital acquired Superbugs :return to pre-antibiotic era”;Mullana.
  • 11. NZISACON 31ST October-2nd November 2014; ASCOMS Hospital Jammu.
  • 12. BIOCON- 2016; International conference,” Emerging Trends in Biomedical Research in the new Millennium”, Government Medical College and Hospital Jammu.
  • 13. Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme Conducted by State Surveillance Unit, IDSP Jammu on 26-02-2018
  • 14. HICCON-2019, Hospital infection Control Conference September 7,2019, DMC Ludhiana.
  • 15. National Workshop on Antimicrobial Consumption 10-11 December, Haryana.
  • 16. Training Programme on Laboratory Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis at Super Speciality Hospital, Jammu 17th to 19th feb2020.
  • 17. Covid-19 Viral Purification Training;16th may 2022.
  • 18. GISICON 2023:”Gut Pathogens :Old Player ,New Games” September 1st-2nd SGRD Hospital Amritsar.
  • 19. ONE DAY SENSITIZATION Session regarding NTEP activities at DTC Udhampur on 13 December 2023.

3. Asifa Shareef

  • MSc Med. Microbiology
  • Senior Resident GMC, Udhampur
  • syedasifa721@gmail.com

4. Zahoor Shameem

  • MSc Med. Microbiology
  • Senior Resident GMC, Udhampur
  • Wanizahoor173@gmail.com

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